i just realized that the video game off is like that song “little bunny foo-foo” in terrifying video game format


i think i’m really shit at blogging, since i haven’t even posted to my deviantArt journal in over a year. i just got back from phoenix comicon 2k13 and it was fan-fucking-tastic. i was on my first panel, and if you’re suddenly finding yourself here, that’s probably why. 

i’ve been struggling with the relentless press of depression, my sudden type 1 diabetes diagnosis, and the eleventh grade. thankfully, the first and last have been taken care of. the second… is kind of a life-long thing, but i’ve learned to deal. anyway, i recently wrote a short story entitled “The Sound of Silence” and i was wondering if anyone would be interested in my posting it here. it’s maybe 1500 words long and includes a kind of explicit scene, since i’m apparently at the point in my 17 year old life where everything i write turns to porn. 

anyway! i also have a twitter now, go follow me at @notjamesrich. since people are suddenly interested in my writing, i’ll post more frequently, i think. i’ll try to, anyway. 

regardless, it’s 3:40 in the morning and i’ve spent the day playing .flowMe, and reading Nan Quest. i think it’s high time i attempt some sleep and/or writing on my novel. 

as always, love,