So, this week has been fairly busy.

I hit my two month “anniversary” for writing on this blog (April 18th) and forgot to post about it. I got loads of cheap CDs from the library. I wrote a short story about the end of the world. I began writing scraps of my novel Bad Moon Rising. Today was the Day of Silence, so I refrained from speaking all day to commemorate queer youth who cannot speak.

Yep. I forgot to blog about my anniversary and it sucked. Also, I’m going for the pen review really soon, I think. Once I get around to it. You know.

Hey, at least I wrote a short story and posted it on here! I didn’t ever post “Le Conflit” or “Nous Devons Voyager” on here because they’re chapters to Bad Moon Rising, which is basically my huge dorky werewolf book about some kids named Violet and Oliver. The two stories on my Figment are part of the secondary plot, concerning two different kids in the Victorian era called Violet and Oliver. Yep. That’s the point.

Today, I randomly got inspired and wrote “Four.” It’s about the Four Horsemen bringing the Apocalypse. I specifically meant for the Horsemen to be a certain group of four men. The first person to guess who I’m talking about gets… something. A flash fiction or a hug or something. Nothing material, though. And Maui is automatically disqualified.

Screnzy is going slowly. I’m at 40 pages or something. This is the best I’ve ever done in all the years I’ve done Screnzy, which says a lot about how I’ve done in other years. I just started Chapter Three, though, which is really cool.

So that is how my life has been.



I just wrote a new short story. It’s entitled “Bad Moon Rising” and it’s about werewolves during the Victorian Era. Sort of. I haven’t posted it on here yet, but you can all read it on my Figment. It’s for a contest on there, but it’s also an experiment for me and a novel I want to write. Go read it, heart it, do whatever. I’ll post it here once the contest is over, on the 23rd.

Eventually, I’m going to do a pen review. I just bought some Pilot Precise v7s (.5mm) and I have found that they are the best pens I’ve ever used. Even better than the Uniballs and Bics I’ve tried before. Seriously. I will go in-depth later, but this is just the basic idea of it.

I’m very tired and not so well. I’ve been gaming a lot due to my depression– escapism. Four Eyes, however, is back on track and moving fairly well. Thankfully, my laptop battery is working and charging again, which is pretty damn amazing. The Transmagical script isn’t doing as well, but I still have time to work on that. I’ve hooked one of the artists on Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which is the anime I watch to get inspired for Transmagical. 

Bleh. I basically just wanted to post about “Bad Moon Rising.”

How’s life been treating you guys?


P.S. Sorry this post is written horribly.


I admit, I’m being a bad Screnzier and not working too hard on my script right now. I’m just finishing the second page with an aim for five pages by the end of the day. Hopefully, that will carry me through the Prologue so I can shoot it off to Artist #1. I plan on debuting the prologue at Phoenix ComiCon in May. Just try and stop me.

Speaking of PCC, the release of Mindwarp & Eris #1 might be delayed until SabotenCon (September 1-3rd). There’s a strong possibility that Jenn and I will get a table there, which is hella exciting.

I also just broke through my writer’s block on chapter five of Four Eyes. Oh man. I have some horrible and delicious “villains” coming up! I’m really excited to be working on this; I can’t wait to finish and edit it and maybe get it published or something. Is that how it works?
Today, I started again on 750 Words and I wrote a 910-word drabble to a story idea I’ve been bouncing off the wall for a little while. It doesn’t have a name yet, and only sort of a plot, but I was wondering if anyone would like me to post each chapter as I write it (hopefully for my daily 750+ words). They’d basically be totally unedited and probably terrible, but if anyone’s interested in my serial writing…

That’s all I have to say for right now. How has everyone been?


The time has come.

Yes, my dear friends and non-existent followers. The time has come for me to start planning for my departure into Script Frenzy (bam! my fancy Screnzy profile!).

April is going to be one hell of a month.

This year, I’m adapting my NaNoWriMo (that’s a link to my NaNo user page) novel Transmagical into comic script format. It was supposed to be a webcomic in the first place, but after my original idea (Saturday Night of the Living Dead) tanked 12,000 words in, I took a new approach and wrote that plot bunny as a novel. And immediately regretted it, as it was incredibly poorly written. I did win NaNoWriMo ’11, with 72,000 some words (not reflected on my NaNoWriMo page, as I logged it all on my YWP account). I actually haven’t finished a NaNoWriMo novel since my first year (2009) with a poorly written fanfic.

So, for my Screnzy challenge for 2012, I’m tackling Transmagical. Though I’ve participated in Screnzies ’10 and ’11, I’ve never won. I’m kind of bad at keeping up my script writing. This year, however, I actually have to finish to get a good grade in Creative Writing. I also have eight artists breathing down my neck, a prologue chapter deadline of May 24th (and that’s for the art), and a story planned to the end (and almost written there).

So that’s the status on Transmagical. I like my charming logline and x meets y (Neon Genesis Evangelion meets Sailor Moon). If I could make it so, it would be w meets x meets y meets z: the Cthulhu Mythos meets Neon Genesis Evangelion meets Sailor Moon meets [insert your favorite trans*-themed work here]. Lovecraft would be so disappointed. Funny thing is, I hadn’t even seen a second of NGE before I started writing/planning Transmagical— it even has an (unintentional) almost Rei Ayanami Expy character (her name is Winter Dresden and she is Sailor Wintershine).

And on to the next thing, which is my web comic-in-production Ghost Runners, since I can’t write blog posts in order of their titles!

I finished the first chapter’s script the other day and got it in to Odd Artist. I’m five pages in to the second chapter for the Even Artist. I hope to finish it tonight or tomorrow night. Yess. Chapter one is titled “Master Masa” and that’s really the only sneak preview I’m willing to give. There’s also “Some Nights“, which is the prequel short story, and you can read it from that link there.

The actual comic itself is pretty under wraps at the moment, but I’m so psyched for it! I can’t wait to get it up and running. I’m investigating Comicpress for use with both Transmagical and Ghost Runners.


And on to the Print Comics section of this post.

So The Infamous Adventures of Mindwarp and Eris the Boa Wonder is so ON for print. Jenn Fuguet (that’s her dA, and she’s also on Transmagical) is working on it. Issue One is going swimmingly and should debut– on an incredibly limited mini-sized print run, mind you– at Phoenix ComiCon this year. Hooray! It’s about these rather incompetent superheroes, Mindwarp and Eris, who have to battle a vampire/zombie apocalypse while the moon Waynes. There are disco-dancing vampires, wings made out of feather boas, and the enigmatic Random Man. It’s a lot of fun, take it from the guy who wrote it. I’m planning for an initial 6-issue arc (detailing the vampire/zombie apocalypse) with more to come in the future.

Also, I should probably talk about Phoenix ComiCon.

It’s May 24th-27th (Memorial Day Weekend) in Phoenix, AZ at the Phoenix Convention Center. This year, it’s shaping up to be massive! PCC was my first comic convention ever; I went in 2009 when it was still in January and still at the Mesa Convention Center (that slot is now taken up by Amazing Arizona). PCC is an absolutely amazing convention.

This year, I’ll be working at the SpazDog Press table for part of the Con! I will most likely have Mindwarp and Eris #1, an uber-limited print run of however many Ghost Runners chapter are out then, and some promotional material for Transmagical (did you notice the dates? I’m springing the prologue chapter on Preview Night). I’ll also be signing copies of Unite and Take Over volume 1 (my story is “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore” and Jenn illustrated it). Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, “Death of a Disco Dancer” won’t be in UaTO 2. I promise it will see the light of day eventually, though. I’ll also be hanging out at the Smiths Party that night, where a lot of awesome bands are playing Smiths songs. It’s free with an event pass, or you can buy tickets from the artists themselves.

Unite and Take Over volume 1 was submitted for the Eisner and Harvey Awards, both of which are in voting now (if I remember correctly). I’m beyond stoked for that. Prepare for massive celebrating if it gets nominated for either, and loads of tears if it wins anything. I’ll be up in San Diego for the Eisner (my mom was the Associate Editor on the book, as well as having the story “Cemetry Gates,” illustrated by the magnificent Eric Schock).

I think that’s all for now on the comics thing. Sorry for all of the rambling, as well as the looong five days between posts.


i’ve been writing all-new stories for you.

Sadly, I haven’t. Well… I’ve been writing, but it’s fairly under-wraps. I’m putting Starstealers a smidge on hold for the moment to work out the bulk of a new project. On top of that, I’ve been working with Jenn (my comics artist! she draws Mindwarp & Eris and did the art for “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore”) on our submission for Unite and Take Over Vol. 2. I am working on two shot stories (“Rebel, Rebel (Timmy Plays Guitar)” and “Some Nights”), one of which is your first look into a new universe of mine! Exciting!

In Creative Writing class (which I sadly cannot take next year) we’re moving in to scripting. We’ve made superhero/villain characters (mine is an amoral fellow with a vendetta named Clockwork) and we’re teaming up to make radio plays about them. In a little more than a month, Script Frenzy begins and you all know what that means…
…yep, it means that Transmagical is finally going to be visible for people who aren’t me or my Creative Writing class.

To explain: Transmagical was my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel (clocked in at 71,500 words and barely halfway through the story), basically a take on the whole mahou shoujo deal with Lovecraft. Yep. Magical girls fighting shoggoth. The twist is that the main character, Jared, is a trans boy who was recruited as Sailor Summershine before he was out. It’s about his personal struggles and the struggles of all of the magical girls and boys in the world against Deep Ones and Dagon and good stuff like that. I was planning to turn it into a webcomic– with an art team of 6-8 people– and then I never really did anything with it. So I’m finally adapting it into a comic script for Screnzy this year, which will be pretty awesome.

And another thing. Poetry! I’m not as into my poetry as I probably should be (mostly because I save my energy for my prose and scripts), but I entered last Friday’s Poetry Slam at the library. It was really exciting, and everyone was pretty spectacular. I read “Forward Motion” (which you can read by clicking that nifty link) and a short poem called “A Boy (or Coming Out).” There were four prizes: Best Performance (which went to a friend-of-a-friend with her improvisational poem), Most Creative (which went to my very good friend and adopted older sister, Ven), Best Poem (which went to an acquaintance with a spectacular poem), and Poetry Grand Slam (most points awarded by the judges). I managed to win Poetry Grand Slam, with 116/120 points, and I got a $25 Amazon gift card.

That’s been my creative life lately. Wow, long post. I promise that I’ll post more often now, it’s almost been ten days since my last.