I am such a lazy writer that I couldn’t figure out how to start this goddamn post.

To be fair, I recently started school again. I’ve been buried under homework, personal stress, and general life bullshit. But, at last, I’m crawling out from my Batcave* and hissing at the daylight to blog about writing once more.

It’s not like I haven’t been writing lately, it’s just…
It’s just that…
I guess…
Okay, I haven’t been writing much. I’m back in Creative Writing class (the class for which I wrote “Forged in Fire,” “Pretty Miss Douglass,” and “Forward Motion” last year) and so I’m writing. Nothing of substance, not yet, but writing is good, even if it’s shit. It’s better to write shit than nothing at all, right?

I’ve quote-unquote started writing two short stories, titled “Bring Me a Dream” and “Scary Monsters,” but I haven’t written enough of either to say if they’re ever going to come to fruition or not. I mean, I haven’t touched that “She Who Fights Monsters” one in months and I still kind of want to. Anyway, I’ve been focused on this novel idea that I had in March. I’m officially 2000-some words into it, so I can tell you that it’s a supernatural spy thriller entitled Human Again. But that’s all. Seriously.

I’m still–slowly, very slowly–working on Figment Wilson. I’m two chapters into the revision and… ouch. Clumsy, clumsy writing. One of my favorite people, Evvy of Fuck Yeah Character Development, made an incredible post about good vs. bad writing and summed it up like this: “…I judge everything in the arts world as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ based on whether or not it does its job, and whether or not it does its job elegantly.” Most of Figment Wilson is at a place where the writing does its job, but in the most convoluted, difficult, overall least elegant way possible. Some of it doesn’t even do its job, which is even more painful to fix.

But, hey, at least I’m getting there.

Runs In The Family is on hold for the time being. I’m probably going to start it for real in November, for National Novel Writing Month. It’s my favorite month. So many novels!

Just recently, I finished a novelette (it’s about 9400 words long) entitled “Who Killed Amanda Palmer?” It’s based on the amazing Amanda Palmer’s debut solo album of the same name, with each mini-chapter corresponding to a song. I’m seeing Amanda live for the first time this Saturday! I have a copy of the book (ordered from Lulu, who I’ve found I like better than CreateSpace) that I plan on giving her. Keep your fingers crossed!
The novelette was written for WriteWorld’s Album Challenge, and will eventually be posted on their site for reading.

Additionally, I’ve been doing some edits of my short story/poetry collection, We Are All Lonely. This is super exciting, guys. I’m hoping to have it all revised and ready by mid-November so I can sell copies at my hypothetical Tucson ComiCon table. When it’s good to go, I’ll have them up for sale so you people can buy the book (and e-book, maybe?) and give me money.
The current We Are All Lonely line-up is…
“Poem of Twos”
“The Dormitories of Miskatonic University”
“Here’s To You, Mr. Robinson”
“A Voluntary Drowning”
“Forward Motion”
“Some Nights”
“Pretty Miss Douglass”
“The Lay of Thrym” (a take on Norse mythology, originally part of The World According To Loki)
“Forged in Fire”
“The Good Feast Is On Tonight”

And that, my friends, is super duper exciting. I can’t wait until people can actually read a couple of works in here that haven’t been published before! I’m about to order a draft copy of the book so I can continue editing the stories and making them pitch-perfect.

And that’s how my writing life has been lately. Busy and yet empty at the same time.



i’ve been writing all-new stories for you.

Sadly, I haven’t. Well… I’ve been writing, but it’s fairly under-wraps. I’m putting Starstealers a smidge on hold for the moment to work out the bulk of a new project. On top of that, I’ve been working with Jenn (my comics artist! she draws Mindwarp & Eris and did the art for “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore”) on our submission for Unite and Take Over Vol. 2. I am working on two shot stories (“Rebel, Rebel (Timmy Plays Guitar)” and “Some Nights”), one of which is your first look into a new universe of mine! Exciting!

In Creative Writing class (which I sadly cannot take next year) we’re moving in to scripting. We’ve made superhero/villain characters (mine is an amoral fellow with a vendetta named Clockwork) and we’re teaming up to make radio plays about them. In a little more than a month, Script Frenzy begins and you all know what that means…
…yep, it means that Transmagical is finally going to be visible for people who aren’t me or my Creative Writing class.

To explain: Transmagical was my 2011 NaNoWriMo novel (clocked in at 71,500 words and barely halfway through the story), basically a take on the whole mahou shoujo deal with Lovecraft. Yep. Magical girls fighting shoggoth. The twist is that the main character, Jared, is a trans boy who was recruited as Sailor Summershine before he was out. It’s about his personal struggles and the struggles of all of the magical girls and boys in the world against Deep Ones and Dagon and good stuff like that. I was planning to turn it into a webcomic– with an art team of 6-8 people– and then I never really did anything with it. So I’m finally adapting it into a comic script for Screnzy this year, which will be pretty awesome.

And another thing. Poetry! I’m not as into my poetry as I probably should be (mostly because I save my energy for my prose and scripts), but I entered last Friday’s Poetry Slam at the library. It was really exciting, and everyone was pretty spectacular. I read “Forward Motion” (which you can read by clicking that nifty link) and a short poem called “A Boy (or Coming Out).” There were four prizes: Best Performance (which went to a friend-of-a-friend with her improvisational poem), Most Creative (which went to my very good friend and adopted older sister, Ven), Best Poem (which went to an acquaintance with a spectacular poem), and Poetry Grand Slam (most points awarded by the judges). I managed to win Poetry Grand Slam, with 116/120 points, and I got a $25 Amazon gift card.

That’s been my creative life lately. Wow, long post. I promise that I’ll post more often now, it’s almost been ten days since my last.