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I swear to the stars, Mr. Sheh is the greatest Creative Writing teacher ever. This is my second year in his class (hopefully, I’ll also be in his English class next year) and his current fancy is screenwriting. We recently completed outlines for 10-page-long screenplays with plans to continue work on them over the next few weeks.

I’m turning Bright Outside–or, at least, the idea I had for the opening scene–into a short that could potentially serve as the opening sequence to a feature-length film. I’m about to start work on the treatment for it. Meanwhile, my assignment is to write something outside of the script that characterizes the main character. (The example was the transcript of the dating profile video that incited the date that was the plot of Mr. Sheh’s screenplay.)

Wow. This is harder than it sounds, to be completely honest, because though I thought I knew everything about Zachery, I don’t. What do I write? One of his query letters? A blog post? His self-written author blurb from his 95,000 word manuscript? How the fuck do you characterize a character outside of their novel?!

I’m not asking you. I’m actually going to attempt to answer this apparently unsolvable question.

So who the hell is Zachery Fleming, anyway? 

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So, I’ve been bouncing some ideas back and forth in my head here, and I was wondering a few things.

1. Should I start doing daily/weekly/monthly writing prompts?
2. Would anyone be interested if I started doing writing how-tos? Probably based on your suggestions, though.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say here.

Oh! And I think I may upload a bit of Bright Outside once I finish the first chapter and run it through my “editor” (Ven). Said editor is a very talented writer herself, and won Most Creative in the Poetry Slam a little while ago.

Cool, thanks.


What are some interesting dreams that you’ve had?
Terrifying, electrifying… what stands out to you?

Lately, I’ve been working on a thing that’s been in my head since June of last year (no, it isn’t Clandestine, but I swear that that novel will someday be completed and readable) entitled Bright Outside. It’s about a novelist, Zachery Fleming, who cannot dream. It is also about a mysterious woman who stands on the roof of his next door neighbor’s house at sunrise.

So, tell me about your dreams.


P.S. I’m working on “Rebel, Rebel (Timmy Plays Guitar)” which I feel is a very important story to tell. I will keep updating on that as it’s written.