so… worldbuilding, anyone?

okay. it’s actually been almost a year since I last posted here, and for that, I apologize. depression and school have gotten me down in a huge way, and I just… forget to blog sometimes. I have two modes: blog once or twice a day, or blog once or twice a year. we all know which mode has recently dominated my life.

in funny news: I was looking over my list of WIP novels in my categories and I am literally not working on any of them. Figment Wilson, kind of, but not at the moment.

I’ve been working on my fictional, semi-collaborative universe: the world of Evrehn, or the Angelverse after the work that originated it.

the universe is of modern-day earth, with magic. and then some. early in hominid evolution, faeries from the Astral Realm colonized earth. their seeds gave it magic, and elves, dwarves, sprites, etc. evolved alongside humans. there is a colony on the moon, linked to the Middle East in Biblical times, that works as its own angelic/demonic hierarchy. humans only became dominant during the Industrial Revolution, when they attained their own form of magic. today, most countries are either magic, tech, or both. I call it collaborative because my friend Ven writes in this universe, too.

I’m surprised I never mentioned it on here, but in januaryish of 2013, I started working on something that didn’t really have a title yet. it was about mutants in the far, war-torn future, and armies, and tyranny. in april or so, I scrapped that for what would become The Angel in the Ashtray. it’s the story if a young homunculus named Michael who runs away from his abusive father/creator and finds a boy with wings who fell from the sky. upon rescuing him and taking him to the local healer, he discovers that this boy is a phoenix, a mystical creature whose body parts are sold in magical black markets. someone is hunting Cordiel, and Michael swears to protect him.

after working on it piece by piece, I finished it last month. it clocks in at a total of 30,000ish words–a little less than half the length of Figment Wilson. I reorganized it on Scrivener (which is a genuine godsend of a program, let me tell you) and I have a PDF version of the first draft, as well as versions for any eBook reader out there.

if you want to read it, right now I’m editing for character consistency and realism, worldbuilding, pacing, plot holes–general context stuff instead of content stuff. please tell me what works and what doesn’t, give me tips. I know it’s full of typos and poor grammar and general bad writing things, but I’d like to get a sense of what needs to change in the story before I start copyediting.
to read it:
as a .pdf
as a .mobi (Kindle)
as a .ePub

I’ll be back… hopefully.


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