this is serious

I could start talking about why I haven’t been here recently (hint: it’s depression). I could talk about how hard it is to edit your own writing or how easy it is to come up with an idea vs. how hard it is to start writing that idea.

Nope. This post has nothing to do with writing.

It’s about my life! That’s totally exciting, right?

So, recently, I submitted for a legal name change to ease my anxiety about life in general. But it was expensive. So, I set up a crowdsourcing thing to help pay my parents back for the name change! Just go here and pitch in–if you can. If not, that’s okay.

Also, there are rewards! Yay! This post will be updated every so often to add new information to rewards.

Under the cut…

$5 – an acrostic poem based on your first name or a haiku about how awesome you are.
$10 – either of the $5 rewards plus a Homestuck-style sprite based on you (description or image needed) or both of the $5 rewards.
$15 – your choice from the $10 rewards (poem + sprite or both poems) plus a 140-character microfiction based on a one-word prompt you give me.
$20 – your choice of all the rewards below or a 500-word short story based on a prompt you give me.
$25 – one of the $20 choices plus a signed print from my webcomic, Transmagical, signed by the writer (me) and the print’s artist (Shay H.)–I will need your address for this.
$30 – one of the $25 rewards plus a signed copy of my short story collection, We Are All Lonely, when it comes out–I will also need your address for this.

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