one month

Wow, I’ve been using this blog for a whole month. That’s much longer than I usually stick to blogs (as seen with my last writing blog, which was a total failure of blogging). And I’ve actually been updating this one! I have over eight posts or something. Amazing, right? So I basically have my blog and am posting, too.

I’ve resolved to buy myself a new Moleskine notebook for every writing contest I win. I bought my first (large, ruled, red) with the Amazon giftcard I received from the poetry slam. This is seriously the best notebook I have ever owned. In my whole life. And I’ve owned some pretty cool notebooks. It’s dedicated solely to my most current (Private IThe Dark QuestStarstealersBright Outside, etc., etc. are all on hiatus for the time being) novel, which I plan on finishing. I think once I hit part two I’ll edit and post the first few chapters of part one. Or, at least, the part one playlist.

I have also just discovered that my current favourite pens (Uniball Vision micro) decide to utterly crap out on you if you use them to draw on skin. I lost two (of four) pens on accident that way. I’m thinking of trying the Pilot equivalent (a.k.a. black ink, rollerball, .5mm) for my next set, my dad got a .7mm Pilot from his coworker and it was lovely; though I also might go back to the Bic “needle” points that I started with (though they tended to run and weren’t as smooth). But the Uniballs last a while and I have two remaining (I got the first one in late December/early January and it lasted, with heavy use, until I messed up), so I’ll just wait it out. All of a sudden, I’ve found .5 roller balls (in three-packs of black, red, and blue) at the Dollar Tree. They’re everywhere now.

Over Spring Break, I completed the first two chapters of Ghost Runners (“Master Masa” and “Natsu and Umeko”). In Creative Writing, we’re doing superhero radio plays! Mine is about the %-Men (Percent Men), a dual X-Men/Avengers parody set in the Mindwarp and Eris universe. I’m beyond psyched for that, I just finished with the opening narration/monologue. Captain Phoenix, Molverine, Monsoon, Zeus, and Magnesium Lad will be embarking on a tense fight against the Politician soon enough.

That’s been my stuff for the past while, I suppose. I haven’t been doing well mentally, but that’s what the writing is for (I’m on a bit of a frenzy with prose at the moment, probably because I love escapism).

How are you, imaginary readers?



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