satisfied enough to dream you

What are some interesting dreams that you’ve had?
Terrifying, electrifying… what stands out to you?

Lately, I’ve been working on a thing that’s been in my head since June of last year (no, it isn’t Clandestine, but I swear that that novel will someday be completed and readable) entitled Bright Outside. It’s about a novelist, Zachery Fleming, who cannot dream. It is also about a mysterious woman who stands on the roof of his next door neighbor’s house at sunrise.

So, tell me about your dreams.


P.S. I’m working on “Rebel, Rebel (Timmy Plays Guitar)” which I feel is a very important story to tell. I will keep updating on that as it’s written.

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  1. charlottenothing said:

    80% of the time I have dreams that make absolutely no sense filled with people from my life and pop culture figures. Like last night, I was on some strange adventure with David Tennant, and then it suddenly switched to me taking a video editing class with my 8th grade math teacher.

    and then for another 15% of the time, the dreams relates to either something I’ve just done that day, or will be doing in the upcoming few days. I used to almost always have dreams about concerts a couple nights before going to them.

    and then there’s that 5% of scary shit that makes you wake up wondering “what the actual fuck”. I’ve rarely had nightmares per se, but I sometimes get recurring dreams where my sight is really blurry or I’ve sort of lost the ability to stand up on my own two feet, and that alone can be terrifying. There’s only been two dreams that I can remember waking up from sobbing; one was an excruciatingly detailed account of a car running over a baby on the street (it was really painful to see ads with baby products for that week cause it kept on flashing back into my head), and the other was of my brother and a couple of uncles I don’t know dying in a drunk driving accident (that morning I could barely leave my room and ended up calling my brother cause I just had to know that he was still alive).

    so um yeah, that’s that. Typically my dreams are just stupid and silly but it is possible to have serious and emotional dreams is the moral here.

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