some nights

I just posted a new story, entitled “Some Nights.” Yep, same one that I was talking about the other day on my obligatory absence post.

You can read it by going to that neat “read the writing” tab above this post, or by clicking on this link to  get to that page, or by just clicking here to open the PDF. It’s a prequel to an ongoing web comic series that I’m developing with two artists (both of whom, coincidentally, are also artists for Transmagical).

Some background that might help with deciphering the story, if you’re stuck:

  • It takes place in post-apocalyptic Japan, some 150-200 years after 2012.
  • Mekazumi are rat-like aliens who wear mechanized armor; they’re around 7′ tall and are vulnerable to Earth sunlight and “spirit energy” (you figure that part out).

Enjoy! And please, do tell me if you’d like to see this concept expanded upon. That’s what this story is for.


P.S. I’ll be posting a blog post later tonight asking for a hand with a thing or two, so keep your eyes peeled for that.


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