we’re the only airship pirates

This, my dear friends, is called a character submission.

I’m fleshing out the world for Starstealers, and I realized that the docks were awfully empty. There are whispers going around about Galagher the Green killing crews and shooting down ships, but there’s not a source for the whispers. Not to mention, of course the Starstealers themselves are going to be talking about other crews of pirates.

I’m only limitedly creative, guys. I can’t make that many characters.

So I figured that I’d ask my friends.

So! Give me some vicious airship pirates!

Have a template, if you want one:
Gender: (yes, there are quite a few notorious pirate ladies)
Position: (navigation, weaponry, cook, etc.)
Defining personality traits:

Thanks, guys! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I can’t guarantee that every character will make it in, but I will try to get a mention in for everyone.


  1. James Martin said:

    Name: Martin, Jess
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Scottish
    Position: Navigator
    Defining personality traits: Determined, Honest, Rebellious

  2. James Martin said:

    Defining personal traits (more): Tends to shoot first, ask questions never. Uncooperative. Headstrong.

  3. Killorian said:

    Name: Deniz Korkmaz
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Turkish
    Position: Gunner
    Traits: rarely shuts up/ will talk to anyone; can be a little overbearing at times; somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to weapon cleanliness; will be seen eating at every given opportunity; has no qualms with killing anyone without a reason.

  4. Name: Micky Hardy
    Gender: Whatever
    Nationality: British
    Position: Cook
    Traits: Likes to experiment with seasonings and odd veggies. Doesn’t like anyone else in the galley except those invited for nefarious purposes either gastronomical or sexual. Super loyal to the captain. Handy with a carving knife at the table or whenever necessary. Shortish, round but muscular, fast moving and graceful. Likes to sing off tune. The glass in any situation is alway half full.

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